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Remember this! Comparison is a form of self harm. 


Remember this! Comparison is a form of self harm. 

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I don’t need to lose weight to feel good about myself. My love for myself is unconditional.

Health at Every Size! Health for all!

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  • Question: I wish I have the confidence you do. I'm 5ft7 and 190lbs. Sometimes I look in the mirror and go "screw it, I want to wear this so I will". Then I try getting out that front door and I can't. I have to change what I have on first, because I feel like people will judge me. I look at this blog and it gives me that "I will wear whatever the hell I want" feeling, I just hope it translates through into real life... - Anonymous
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    It isn’t always easy. I get that same feeling sometimes. I put something on in my room and I feel great…as soon as I get in the outside world I feel like people are going to eat me alive. I just find something encouraging to tell myself in my head. Usually it’s “You’re a bad motherfucker” hahaha! Everyone needs to find their own encouragement mantra. 



In my three years of using tumblr I have followed many body positive blogs. I love the hope they spread to their target groups. Yes, you are beautiful. Yes, you are loved.

The only one I am currently following is “chubby bunnies”.

But I keep seeing the same description on almost every post and I fucking hate it.

“I used to have self esteem issues, but now I have a man who tells me every day how beautiful I am and I’m finally starting to believe it.”

That’s nice and all, but what about when he stops saying that to you? What if one day he falls out of love with you?

What if he was never in love with you in the first place? What if he only loved your body? What if he’s a fetishist?

As soon as his validation is gone you will fall right back into your pit of self hatred.

I’m tired of seeing women learn to love their bodies only after a man gives them permission to. Do they not realize they’re handing all of their power over to their significant others?

Fuck that.

Love your body no matter what anyone else thinks. Love every pound, whether you are single or in a relationship. Love every scar, stretch mark, and strand of hair when you are sitting alone in your bedroom with no one to impress. Love your body unconditionally before a man presses his mouth to your ear and whispers sweet nothings about it. Forget whispering. Shout. Tell your body you love it until it becomes a mantra, until it becomes a battle cry.

You were beautiful before he came into your life, and you will still be beautiful long after he’s gone.

You don’t need permission to love yourself. Stop waiting for it.


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